Who is 'sonicyo'?

A solitary creature, once encouraged by an older half brother to play a few basic chords on the guitar.

Looking at my reflection in the mirrow, simultaneously I know and do not know who I am, but when I hold the guitar I feel I'm holding a part of me in my hands. I play by 'ear' naturally and over the years I've developed a musical style, recognised as a melange of classic-flamenco.

With no formal training my compositions come from both a conscious and subconscious space. Tapping deeply into this space I feel I can create anything, and that something bigger than what I know can emerge.

Everyday I train to maintain my mental strength. I discipline my hands, my eyes, my ears, and focus my mind. Like a bird on a wire I waited and now I fly with my soul-sound to the world.


My first album is: ENCHANTMENT









July 2021

01. Purification - jewel of the sky

02. Incantation - magic spell

03. Contemplation - spiritual devotion

04. Separation - split of love

05. Imagination - power of mind

06. Recollection - Road to the past

07. Determination - unbreakable energy

08. Conversation - sentiments to be heard

09. Realization - awake to one’s path

10. Reflection - image of true self

11. Seduction - dancing birds


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